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ARK XO Extreme Offroad Jockey wheel

ARK XO Extreme Offroad Jockey wheel


This is the best camper trailer or caravan jockey wheel in the market.


A poor jockey wheel can often become the bane of campers, boaties or horsey peoples life. Bending, breaking or rarely going in the direction you need them to.


Thanks to the innovators at Ark, the leader in jockey wheel design and manufacture have produced one of the toughest jockey wheels to ever hit the market, the XO Jockey Wheel.

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    Enjoy four adjustable height positions with 250mm extension at each setting extension at each setting and a maximum height of 750mm.  The magnetic removable side wind handle makes lowering and raising the jockey wheel a breeze without getting caught up on storage boxes or gas bottle holders and can be removed for safe storage.  Easily removable, Ark has included an easy-pivot trailing yoke design and dual wheels with sealed bearings which pivot and turn any way the trailer is pushed or pulled.

  • Return Policy

    We accept returns for products that are still in the same packaging and have not been used. Money back is not guaranteed. 

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